Wedding Villas – More Than Just A Venue!

So often when we talk about choosing a villa for a wedding, the attention gets focused on the ceremony and reception.  These are the main events after all, and the villa you choose will revolve around the vision you have for your special day.    We had a chat with Christine Choy, Estate Manager at the stunning Greensleeves Villa on the west coast of Barbados, who shared with us some thoughts on how couples can make the most of their villa leading up to their “I dos.”

Greensleeves villa, Barbados - a perfect destination wedding villa!

A peek into the Ocean Suite at Greensleeves!

A recent bride having her wedding at Greensleeves also wanted to have her bridal shower there.  There was a little pre-planning of menus and wine lists, but all the arrangements were handled by Christine and the villa staff including the delicious food.  Christine even checked in with the wedding planner for the brides’ color palette and to add that element of a surprise for the shower, she handled all the decorations personally.

Destination wedding villas are more than just a venue in Barbados!

Beautiful decor and special details make this so much more than just a wedding venue!

The villa’s Ocean Suite was chosen for the shower location, not only for its beautiful views and lush interiors but for its expansive patio.  A long table for fifteen was set up, a buffet and bar with a butler, decorations put in place and the party started.  Because it was the bride and groom’s villa, there were no restrictions as far as time and merrymaking; the ladies had a wonderful afternoon and the shower was one they will all remember!

Destination weddings in Barbados - it's the brideLIFE!

The bride, bridesmaids and mothers had a suite to themselves to prep and get ready for the big day!

That’s not the end to the story.  The shower went so well, the bride decided to do something similar on the day of the wedding so she and her bridesmaids and mothers could get ready together.  Food and drinks were brought up to the Ocean Suite where there was plenty of room for hairstyling, make-up and manicures all without any rushing to-and-fro.  The ladies all had fun getting ready together in a relaxed and fun setting.

Get married at a luxurious Barbados villa surrounded by family and friends!

Greensleeves villa was the perfect for choice for this real wedding – with lots of space and privacy!

Now so far we’ve only talked about the ladies.  Not too worry, the gentlemen were out playing golf on the day of the shower and on the day of the ceremony they had plenty of room of their own to relax and prepare without worrying about the groom accidentally seeing the bride!

Wedding couples (and, really, all guests), should think about how their villa – a home away from home – can be the ultimate venue for being together with family and friends, keeping it personal when entertaining, and most of all doing things your way.

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Real Wedding: Kerrie & Tom at Greensleeves Villa features in brideLIFE Issue 4.  Photos by Risee Chaderton, Eye.One.Visuals

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