The Art of Designing Your Caribbean Villa Destination Wedding

In the classic Barry Levinson film Diner a bride agrees to a sports theme for her wedding; the blue and white of the Baltimore Colts NFL team (yes, the Colts) was used for everything from dresses and flowers walking down the aisle to a tasteful rendition of the team’s marching song. This is a movie wedding of course, and while in reality some couples may be as exacting, many have individual styles and visions to take into consideration to craft and create the look, feel and emotions couples want to convey as part of their celebration.

Emma Corrie, Design Director at Emma Corrie Designs in Barbados, has the imagination, artistry and communication skills to do just this. Her wedding design for a recent wedding at Mullins Mill villa in Barbados was an elegant woodland fantasy melding the couple’s sensibility with the feel of this historic villa estate.

“Lisa and Paul wanted a natural feel to the wedding and to show off the ambiance and beauty of their villa,” says Emma. “Mullins Mill is a stunning property and has a great manager and staff to work with, and a villa allows us a flexibility to create. For this couple we were really able to maximize the outdoors in particular the fabulous gardens with all its nooks and crannies and to extend that throughout.”

Emma used an unusual combination of wood and glass to great effect. Simple mason jars were elevated to elegant and put to clever decorative and functional uses. First the couple’s selection of cocktails – Mojitos, Rum Punch, and Pimm’s – were ladled into jars and kept on ice in tin tubs atop old whisky barrels, boldly striped straws were at the ready added a whimsical touch.

drinks served in mason jars add to the fun of this destination wedding

Emma created beautiful displays of wildflowers set out in jars most prominently used on tree-trunk rounds set out in the garden to fashion an aisle for the ceremony. Vases crafted from light bulbs were hung from the arbor and thoughtfully placed throughout the décor.

wild flowers and lanterns designed by Emma Corrie Weddings

Another of the stand-out touches came out of necessity: according to Emma, the arbor created for the ceremony was wrapped in white fabric and green vines. A chandelier was quickly improvised to add light and un-invite some passing clouds.

a chandelier provides an elegant touch to this destination wedding

Other personalized touches included an “Advice Box” filled with wooden hearts ready to hold words of wisdom from guests for the bride and groom and a vintage style guest book with the couple’s initials.

Surprisingly, the white wedding cake really brought all of the qualities of the outdoors and relaxed chic in one delicious idea for this wedding; white icing drapes the flowing shape like folded leaves and petals and a hint of a flower adorns the top, so simple and so unexpected.

a simple design to this wedding cake

Some couples have no ideas whatsoever when they begin planning, others have an inspiration board and use social media to find looks for Emma to use as a design guideline; either way, Emma says taking time to get to know them is a big part of personalizing and tailoring the wedding design to what suits a couple and in the end delivering their intimate and bespoke experience.

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Photos by Dominique Bonnett

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