Create Your Own: D.I.Y Wedding Bouquet

Create your own bouquet with our handy how-to guide!

For our D.I.Y issue, we wanted to give our readers some ideas and inspiration for creating some of your own wedding decor and favours – not only is it cost-effective, but it’s a great way to get friends and family involved in the pre-wedding plans!

We asked the very talented Karen Thomas of Bouquet Be Mine to come up with designs and ideas based around a magical, colourful woodland wedding, featuring her creations along with DIY notes in brideLIFE issue 4.

For our blog, we wanted to show the step-by-step process with visuals, so you can easily follow and make your own – most of the items can be sourced from local haberdasheries or craft stores – in Barbados, our recommendation for a one-stop shop to pick up all the items on the list would be Laurie Dash.


You will need:

1 bouquet holder

1 large styrofoam ball

Glue gun

Silk flowers

Hessian, cloth or ribbon of your choice to cover the handle.

Step 1:

create your own DIY wedding favours and decor with brideLIFE!

Remove any oasis on the bouquet handle.

Step 2:

DIY wedding favours and decor by brideLIFE Magaine

Glue the styrofoam ball onto the handle to create the base for the bouquet.

Step 3:

DIY wedding favours and decor by brideLIFE Magazine

Glue on flowers starting with the large blooms and fill in spaces with the smaller ones.

Step 4:

Create your own bouquet with our handy how-to guide!

Finish by wrapping the handle with fabric of your choice.

Images by Jake Thomas Photography

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